silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Well, I've done the cat quiz several dozen times with every name I could think of, to see all the kitties (OMG SO CUTE OMG *eee*, dammit), and I've google-translated the sex scenes of a few of my stories into portuguese and back (It waits the first electric emotion of the fingers of Chris, the tap of Chris of meeting to its proper ones, to lower pants of its Chris of the hand to embrear its donkey, to foder the hand of Chris and the tap of Chris to the stroke insane person in lathe of them, quickly and savage), and I've edited those stories ruthlessly (deleted three words from Free Fall. It is now 0.003% better. I measured) , and I've spent several painful minutes thinking about my Fortune's Five story (I have no clue). Yet I am still bored! Can that be possible?

Perhaps some more coffee.

eta: withdiamonds! Found a house for you and Lar.

Only 3 mill!

gakked from marej
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