silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Got my power back! Well, a half-hour ago, but of course I had to read my flist first of all.

The power was out for over 12 hours, not so bad, but I've forgotten how to amuse myself without electricity. Thank goodness for my digital jukebox and the copy of Somnambulist I never quite got to back in the day. I also blocked out an idea for the F5, which I really hope I'm not late on, but we'll see.

So, hurricane! Of the four we've had this was my first, really, and it was very exciting, all crashing wind and water and I dragged my futon out into the hall because I was certain the window in my bedroom was gonna go any second. It rattled like mad and the vertical blinds thrashed around and water sprayed everywhere, and boy was I embarrassed when I poked my head in cautiously this morning and realized that the window was off its track. Popped it back in and all my hurricane drama ended instantly. Bwah! But it sure was fun there, for a while.

I have a thought about JC. How odd, right? But I've been thinking about that crazy girl Bai Ling and that pretty bland girl Eva Longhorn-oria or whatever her name is, and I think there're two possibilities going on here. One, JC's feeling his biological clock. Ha! I mean, he's been single for awhile now and he has time, and considering he appears to be one of those guys who loves to be in love, I think he's Looking. Capital-L looking, you know, because he misses it. Or, two: he's really got something hot going with a guy (most likely Chris, of course) and PR's pulling their hair out daily trying to plant some gossip-seeds about JC's phenomenal Dating of the Girls. Because, "she's really special"? Ahahahahaha! Last time he said something like that he was talking about Joey being a retard. Although, okay, Something Special is my favorite song, but shut up. Let me have my dreams.
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