silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Gakked from frausorge and julad:

My wips, the short form.

The cat one:

Chris: I could swear I just saw a cat on the bus.
JC: No cats, you fucker. And no sex.
Cat: I'm the stupidest plot device ever!
Me: *plonk*

The fighting one:

Lance: I'm pissed at you, JC.
JC: I'm pissed at you, too! But I'm not sure why.
Lance: Me, neither. What the hell, let's have sex.
Me: Now you're talking!

The Britney-as-demon one:

Justin: If I can't have JC I'll die!
JC: Bobbie, you fucking bitch.
Britney: Why is it always me? But okay. Justin, I can give you what you want.
Justin: *sniff*
JC: Oh, just kill me.
Me: Me first. No wonder I'm a year late for this challenge.

The JuC & plants one:

JC: I'm on tour! For my record that's flopping!
Justin: I will cheer you up by buying you a plant.
Me: *headdeskHARD*

...actually, I had one more wip that mocked me for a whole year 'til I finally wrestled it into the F5 this week. Now, if we want to talk about stupid IDEAS, man, I got like 30 of 'em.
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