silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Today I thought I might utilize the essential camera feature on my cool new phone and snap some blurry photos of my home and neighborhood and the like. There's an awesome lake right by Florida Hospital, and from our unit (I must be in a better mood, because that word's making me snicker again) I can see a little concrete ramp that the turtles like to crawl around on before diving back in to chase fish. I think you can get down there from the ER. Hmm. Anyway, they really are cool, the turtles. There're about twenty of them including babies, plus herons and bluebirds and squirrels and stuff, and I try to make all of my ambulatory patients put on masks and come stare out the window with me, and most of them humor me. Because what could be more interesting than baby turtles? Right! Nothing. :)

Where's JC these days? I am woefully adrift. Well, in my head he's on his knees, yanking irritably at Chris's Harley Davidson belt buckle, but I really do need pictures to fuel these fantasies plots, you know. Silly JC. Doesn't he understand his responsibilities?

I have a confession. Desperate Housewives bores me silly. But Manhunt is FABULOUS, such trash! I'm hooked. However, I missed the ep last night, so I am also sad. What important industry-related thing did they do this week in their underwears? Ride the subway? Go bowling? It's so informative. If you ever wanted to know what modeling is really like, this is the show for you.
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