silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hee! Work just called. They needed someone to work tomorrow, for the extra 15 smackers an hour. Did I jump on that shit, snickering to myself after losing the hours on Sunday? You know this.

Then they called back, "Don't need you after all." Am I sad? NOPE. It's like getting a whole brand new day off! Now I won't have to work three days in a row! I am a ridiculously unrepentant optimist! Not only is the glass is half full, I have a glass!! Lord.

Two things:

New pictures of JC in charlidos's journal. Rarr. That boy needs to be licked, stem to stern. Too bad I don't believe in that sort of thing.

CHRIS AND JC AND THE FAMS SPENT THANKSGIVING TOGETHER. I shout because you really need to hear this. It's canon, people. Canon. Not a hopeful fanon creation, like Justin and Chris's (at one time) reputed best buds deal. These guys really are friends, and their families are friends, and I am all asquee. ASQUEE, dammit.

Sorry. I go now.

eta: Wow! Immediately defriending! Was it something I said? ;)
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