silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Look at that gorgeous girl, look at her! She has her mom's eyes and her dad's mouth, and just like me, one of her ears is higher on her head than the other. I love her from the earth to the moon, to infinity and beyond, and wow. I really miss her, too.

The Manolo, he makes me so happy, but also I weep. How can a girl hope to become super fantastic when the pretty boots cost so @#!!&*! much?? Man. The on-sale price would still wipe me out, solid.

Ah, Paris. While I applaud Lloyd Grove for what is probably a difficult stance in a skank-saturated world, still, I'll miss the snark. Also, it may be good not to give her the attention she so clearly craves, but I wonder if that'll make it all the easier for her to get away with anything. What to do, what to do. The high road, or the cheesy fun tabloid trash hell road? That is always the question.
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