silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Is today Tuesday? Okay, good. Three 13 hr shifts in a row have left me a bit awry. I slept most of today and read a lot of fic.

giddygeek's Get To This, a hot little Euro trickC. Man, I love established relationships, especially when they're as hot as this.

lilysaid's Harry/Snape split tongue spirit, delicious. Snape really likes it when Harry speaks to him in parseltongue, and so do I.

kaelie's Walk a Long Road, wow. JC and Justin as I imagine them to be, as I want them to be. This is an amazing story.

And kimberly_fan's It's Just a Jump To The Left (and its sequel), a long, entertaining Spike/Xander based on Groundhog Day.

Pretty good day. What else should I read?
Tags: popslash
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