silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

All righty. Sixteen hours of the finest in alien breakbeats and fucked up techno later, I have added 75 words to the remix. I have also deleted approx. 57 of them. Eh. It's a marathon. No worries.

Also, I have found this, a website devoted to the decorating, um... sensibilities of the 70's. Those were dark years, my friends. Here is a sample of one of the photograph captions:

This appears to be a work of art based on the butts of three shaved cats. Make that three spore-shedding shaved cats from the Tangerine Dimension. Remember, friends: always coordinate your gigantic, room-smothering wallcoverings with your napkin rings. People notice such things.


Back to it. I can't read any of the JuC Day stories until I finish. It is the law. *sigh*
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