silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Ahahahaha! Apparently 'Bill' read my myspace blurb and decided we are soulmates, because I like porn. Him, too! Oh, my god! It's, like, uncanny. Poor 'Bill.' Destined for loneliness, I fear.

Have signed up for the GREs, done a practice exam (HAHAHAHAHA. Never mind), filled out the financial aid form, struggled with the 'personal statement' ('Please let me into grad school PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I hate staff nursing you have no fucking idea' is all I have so far), sent off for transcripts and immunization records, and settled on who I want to write my letters of recommendation, based on mental visualization of the looks they'll get on their faces when I ask. Excellent! We are go for the moon. In fact, we are so go, so utterly and completely go, that I think they should skip all that stuff and just give me the degree. Clearly I'm a can-do kind of person. That's got to count for something, right?

Dear JC:

I'm really pissed off that you haven't personally expressed your appreciation of my fandom... ness. It's easy enough to figure out where I work from my LJ, and also I've posted my phone number. Would it kill you to call? Popstar, pffft. Fucking ingrate.

Love and kisses xoxo,

dude, DUDE. I just had to physically restrain myself from posting that on MF. luckily the angel mary won the arm wrestle.
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