silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In Which Rodney Dates, John is Curious, and Cadman Helps.

Post Duet. The gay power of the hair. I almost didn't want to like the Rodney characterization, until I came to this bit:

insulting yourself was far less gratifying than insulting other people

Omg, that's perfect. Because, you know, Rodney does both.

Sorry, Donna! Just a little side trip. This morning I studied monoclonal antibodies and multiple myeloma and colorectal cancer and treatments for blast crisis in CML and leukostasis in AML and ALL, and I thought about my sesa and wrote a scholarship essay about my future plans for my Master's degree ("make lots of money and not have to be a staff nurse anymore"), so distraction became a necessity. Now I'm going to overnight my niece's birthday package, and try to find a gift for my mom. She's a toughie that way.

And then later I'll study carcinoid tumors and somatostatinoma syndrome and try to figure out why you'd do a MUGA scan when an echocardiogram does the trick, and then I'll think about sesa some more and maybe add a word or two, and I'm guessing by tonight I'll be ready for another distraction. Luckily, Project Runway is on at 6 pm. Yay!

I abhor the use of "Josh" in most fanfic, but a casual mention of family or friends calling him that in RL reduces me to mush. Please explain.

Oh! And maybe the Humane Society.
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