silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

It's after 1 am in the morning. *marvels*

That's approximately 4 hrs past my normal bedtime. Whee! But, you know, The Octagon was on, with the ninjas in the trees and Chuck Norris's freaky echoing self-whisper, so there really was no choice. I mean, clearly. This movie contains the best line I have ever heard in a movie in my life: when Chuck asks the Farrah Fawcett Hair Lady if they really have time for her interminable life story (although I think interminable has way too many syllables for old Chuck), she flips her hair and laughs a bleak little laugh and says, "Oh, I never think about time."

I... what?


Sesa people, everything will be okay. I mean it. I have no supporting evidence for that, but, yes.

Delta Force, now. Joey Bishop has a concentration camp number on his arm. *sigh* I'm helpless.
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