silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Billboard has been gotten. Sm. moment of embarrassment when I had to wipe my eyes in Barnes and Nobles, but I don't think anyone saw. Everyone should be so proud! It's a wonderful tribute, and it's true. NSYNC WE LOVE U 4EVR ONE ONE ONE ONE ONE. Sniff.

Seriously, Jessa, you rock. Thanks for whipping this into shape.

In other news, I have Dead Kennedys and Delbert McClinton and Al Green, and Brokeback Mountain comes out January 6th. I also have a sesa story that I like, and my presents will be on time this year (!!!), and I got a Christmas tree yesterday, for the first time in approx. six years. Yay!

It's two feet tall and made out of foil, but hey. :)
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