silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hellooo, friendslist.

I am here to ask that you consider signing up for the popslash remix challenge this year. It's fun! The most creative writing challenge ever, a way to look really hard at what makes up a story, to figure out why you write the things that you do.... what it is about your writing that's different, that makes it your writing. A way to find your own line, so to speak. I know, that sounds so contrary! Writing someone else's story! But I always find having that basic structure to be a very freeing writing experience, because I'm forced to think outside my own norm. It's intense, but I always learn something about my own writing. Not always good, but. You know.

Oh, who am I kidding. I just want some more stories to read. DO EET. Come on! Sign-ups end tonight at midnight US EST. I'll You'll be glad you did!

Otherwise, I'm doing like seven different school related things today, which means I hooked up my wireless and got it running, and am answering email and stuff, and now it's time for lunch. Question for you, apropos of my important school work: Does JC seem like a crier to you? I just don't know.
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