silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hey, hi, livejournal! What's happening. Hope all is well, doing okay, etc.

I myself am taking a mental health day-and-three-quarters, because four hours into yesterday I got just plain disgusted with it all and developed the Martian Death Flu, which on a unit where the patients have no immune systems means you get shunned immediately, thank god. Such is the nature of karma that I will of course now develop the Martian Death Flu, but what the hell, I have PDO saved up.

Many thoughts lately about fandom and friendship and courtesy and all those knotty concepts, and I'm thinking from now on when I air my grievances about whatever I'll make sure I identify them as such with a cut tag, so as not to harsh the buzz of anybody in the flush of romance with their new shows. I don't aim to be an asshole about it, you know. Sometimes. :P

But anyway, livejournal, I have a question for you: if and when you say "popslash fandom," what do you mean? You love it, you hate it, you wish it would be naked... what, exactly, is "it" for you these days? I thought that was a duh question until I tried to answer it myself.
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