silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Reading over the fanfic_hate thread on popslash, I was struck once again by how seriously people seem to take their own opinions. Criticism is a skill just like writing, knowing what works or doesn't work about a piece of fic and articulating it well, but it seems like people think they can say anything that pops into their heads about a story without backing it up and suddenly that becomes privileged and weighty just because, like the burden of proof lies with the story or the author somehow and not the critic. Newp! Just because it's your opinion doesn't mean it can't be wrong, ill-informed, or lacking insight. Or maybe you just didn't think about this, this, and this when you came up with your ideas. That's a common one. Kinda like the person who said the evilness of Justin's character in The Long Run made the story break down for her. The answer, I thought, was well-stated and supportable: Justin's not evil, that's a misreading, there's another way to look at it that allows the story to work, and well. Nicely done.

It's too bad we can't all sit down and do some nice gritty crit of each other's writing. But people are as attached to their criticisms as they are to their writing, so it's hard. But that's my opinion is the classic conversation ender. I don't think we avoid real story critiques in fanfic because of the writers' egos, but because of the critics', sometimes. Too bad.

But I'm having trouble making sense this time of the day, and it's time to pop into the shower and get ready for work. Really I'm just bummed because my dream upon dream would be to ask what works or doesn't about my fic, which stories work or don't and why and have someone really answer.
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