silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Worked the last two days and oh, I am happy to be quitting. Damn my responsible self for being, um. Responsible. I think I'm going to work tomorrow and Wednesday, too, for the $$, and then quit like a sneaky thief in the night. Stupid $$, mattering so much.

It's really sinking in how much of a miracle we had here in the Tampa Bay area. Did y'all see the photos of Port Charlotte and the Ft Myers area in the wake of Hurricane Charley? Amazing and scary and sad. My stepmom told me that her mother had refused to leave her home in Ft Myers, right on the water, until my stepmom sent a taxicab to literally force her to leave. Damn good thing, and blessings to the taxi driver for doing it. Saved her life, I'm sure.

The sad thing is, I have heard several folks around here grousing about how they went to all that trouble to get ready and board up, and then nothing. Don't they realize not getting ready is a guaranteed hurricane-magnet? I bet they don't have health and auto insurance, either. Morons. oh, wait. I don't health insurance right now. nevermind, then. carry on.

I am in love with the JC we met during the Sirius Hits 1 radio interview, linked from stamplet's journal. Someone wise who I can't recall summed it up: he's such a boy. Utter glee over zapping that poor guy in the nuts! And can I just say, how freaky is it to be hauling your nut out to be zapped in a bar at butt-o'clock in the morning in Orlando, anyway? Interesting nightlife. I may have to check it out. Or, you know, not. Because OW. Not even for JC.

All righty. Must run. The landlord is sand-blasting the apartment next door, or something, and my teeth feel like they're grinding out of my head. An excellent excuse to go for breakfast! After that, we write. Dammit.
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