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Ahahahaha! In my neverending quest to avoid finding the four words needed to finish this story, the four perfect words of the hundreds--nay, thousands-- of words there are in the universe, I have been spending time rereading this one really cool book. Remember, I ditched all my books when I moved out here, everything except for Christgau's Record Guide, a book on depression glass, Mind Games by Masters and Houston, Lavondyss, and Dali by Dali. I also kept George Ade's book Breaking Into Society (1904) and I can't put it down today. Here's an excerpt:

One Autumn Afternoon a gray-haired Agriculturalist took his youngest Olive Branch by the Hand and led him away to a Varsity. Wilbur was 18 and an Onion. He had outgrown his last year's Tunic, and his Smalls were hardly on speaking terms with his Uppers. He had large, warty Hands, which floated idly at his sides, and his Wrists resembled extra sets of Knuckles. When he walked his Legs gave way at the Hinge and he Interfered.

And another:

His open Countenance had that sweet and trusting Expression of the Hubbard Squash who is willing to give two Tens for a Five.

Bwah! The whole book is like that. A classic, cynical and hilarious, a fun picture of Offspring at Harvard and "Sussiety" Poodles, of life at the turn of the century.

Here's an interesting article about Bai Ling. Yeah, party girl, but she talks about freaky cool things and I can totally understand the fascination, if that's what it is, that JC may feel. She has eight different little Bai Lings in her! A schizo girl! Uh-huh. Plus, she's funny, and got kicked out of China for appearing in a movie that criticized the Chinese government. That's some cred, right there.

Also, she used to date Chris Isaak. Mmmm.

eta: have found three of the four words. will have to do. story off to beta.
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