silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

In a good place right now:

*watching my favorite show, In a Fix. They recruited a carpenter from the neighborhood! He's 6 foot 8 and wears a kilt! A kilt. I'm so happy.

*eating a chicken Whopper. Mmm. Haute cuisine.

*not in my car right now. So tired of driving. But I saw a good part of Orlando today, albeit some of it unintentionally. I checked out one part of town for an apartment I found on the internet, but there were really a lot of dentist's offices, which would give me nightmares. Ask withdiamonds. It's a Fishkill thing.

Orlando is weird, y'all. Beautiful, like I said, but it's so familiar somehow. I can't figure it out. It's not like northern Fla, where I grew up, and not really like the Gulfcoast here... but I know it. Somehow. And I really, really like it, especially the downtown area, but I reckon I won't be able to afford that. We'll see.

Also? If you said to a realtor in Orlando "I don't want to live near a lake," he'd make a rude noise with his mouth. Is not possible!

Your discussion topic for today:

*cosmetic tattooing. Pros and cons, scary anecdotes, freaky possibilities... hit me. I ask because I can never ever foresee a time when I will tolerate wear lipstick, ever. Yet I need it, I think, and one time a stylist told me "you HAVE to wear lipstick, m'hita" and I trusted him because he gave great hugs and was a hospice volunteer and once told me he couldn't be a priest because he liked fucking women too much, exact words, and all these things are bona fides when it comes to makeup expertise.


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