silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

All right, kids. Who's up for modding a challenge? lilysaid? Got the bug now and neeeeed some more of that? xoverau? northernveil, when you get done Floating Down There?

Oh, not me. No way. But bossymarmalade had the coolest idea:

Here is a deck of Scapini tarot cards, along with information of what each card means. Choose one and rewrite it into a comicfic story; feel free to make it AU if you like but do NOT actually mention anything to do with the tarot.

She doesn't want to run it, tch, but it's, wow. A great idea. I'd love to see it expanded to other decks and not just comic!fic, and actually? I think I'm going to write it anyway. But it would be so cool to read some other tarot inspired stories, too, and come on! Come on!

/extremely persuasive


proof that slimey can be cute. Damn that baaaaaby animals community. Damn them.


Dear JC,

Trees can't be 100,000 lbs. Listen to me, boy. Your whole house would be under the ground right now.


(Orlando was trashed, though. A week later and I still could see trees just laying comfortably on people's roofs like they were designed that way. I guess if you can drive around it and there's no gaping holes in the architecture, it's not a priority.)

ps. thanks for the really nice dream, though, JC. Hey! You look pretty good without your clothes. Who would've guessed?

Gotta run.
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