silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

O my people, I have failed you.

Just couldn't manage the possibly-Chris. I spent the day looking at every single rental unit in greater Orlando, and why I thought it was a good idea to look at studio apartments for over $1000 a month just because they overlooked lakes or sat in domes at the bottom of lakes or floated in gossamer bubbles on the surface of lakes, I don't know. Once again, I want more than I can have. They were gorgeous.

But I did find a place. Strangely, it is not on a lake. But it is pretty darn close to Lake Virginia or whatever its name is, and it's a cool place and I have a Starbuck's on the corner and a dishwasher and what else do I need?

Too damn tired to hit the Hard Rock. Definitely too tired to see Starship, by all that's holy, and dammit, I want Chris and the monsters, not one stupid maybe-song with some old poop I didn't even like back in the day.

Okay, yes, maybe some tears in the car driving home. But I took that as a sign of exhaustion and I feel really good now. I got a place! With the first month's rent for free! And a dishwasher! If I leave the door to it open a few times, I can make my own lake! Good times a'comin'. I can feel it.

Sorry, Chris. I'll knock you into the buffet next time.
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