silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hey, hi! Morning.

Was awakened this morning by the sound of my doorbell, but no one was there. Then I realized that my doorbell doesn't sound anything like that, it makes a rusty stutter and this sound was a clear, pure "bing." Weird. Now I'm up, up, dammit. And contemplating my Fortune Five story, but I got nothing.

Well, not nothing. I have porn, many ideas for the pwp, but nothing with an actual plot.

Eh. Plot schmot, anyway.

I admit it: I miss New Mexico. Tried to find some tortillas in the store the other day, but the closest I could come was "wraps," whatever that means. They looked like tortillas, but when I put them on the burner of my stove they just sat there and looked at me, until suddenly they were burnt and smoking. And the other day I was driving and my car was filled with the beautiful vinegary green smell of chile roasting, and I realized it's pretty much harvest time in New Mexico. Man. No giant burlap sack of charred chiles, way too much for just me, but who can resist? The utter zen not-joy of cleaning and seeding them for the freezer... did you know you can't clean chiles into the sink? The seeds swell up and burst the pipes. *raises hand* Yep. And if you rub your eyes in the middle of the cleaning? You go blind. It's true.

But fresh roasted green chile! For every meal! And carne adovada and people speaking spanish around me and why is there no good salsa and latin jazz music on the gulf coast? Why? Dude, I had to drive to Miami to get any good music at all in this benighted state. Here in St Pete they play Journey's "Wheel in the Sky" 47 times a day, and every time I cackle and say "I love 17th century chamber music!" and the person in the car next to me flinches and looks away. No scary gangster types with the names of every family member tattooed on their necks, no old men saying "que paso, what are you doing," not even the hippy white-boy rastafarians! What the fuck, man. I don't know this place.

Okay. I feel better. Did you know the east side of Orlando is really hispanic? Whew. This time I'm determined to learn spanish, more than "pinche enchilada" or whatever, except they talk really, really fast there. Daunting.

For the LOTRrps people on my flist, have your read this? It's an oldie, but I reread it last night and pretty much went up in a puff of smoke. Damn, I wish I could write like that.

Finally, I also admit this: I had the barest moment of considering HP slash yesterday, just the briefest flirt. Got over it quickly, actually, because really I don't want to write HP, and I haven't read all the books and the universe is filled with details I'd have to learn, and Nsync! Yes. I think it was because I read some of torch's HP stuff and her prose always, without fail, makes me want to write.

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