silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Shut up! It would appear I'm the Totally Radio Listener's Club winner: I get schwag! Schwag. Some of you know how I feel about that. Tshirt! Cds! A graphic novel! (Oooooo.) Little buttons and stuff! Too cool. Now I just need an official address, and we're good to go.

Damn it. It's my own fault for not wanting the parking lot view from my new balcony. "No, yeah, no problem! I'll call you after the first with some different units to choose from," he said. Has he called? *grumble* Okay, it is just barely past the first. But doesn't he understand? Schwag. Only his use of the word "units" is keeping me from jumping on the horn right now, to jump down his throat. I pretty much collapse in helpless laughter every time I hear or see that word. He's lucky.

Also? Hurricane, schmurricane. It gets old.

And yourselves? Que-paso-what-are-you-doing?
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