silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I've been enjoying the "JC's house after the hurricane" stories, like valiumbitch and mintwitch's The Tree House, the ending of which made me say *eee* in a quiet and contented way, but mostly the stories don't ring true for me.

1. Carlos lives there, too.

2. So Gina's probably around there a lot.

3. JC's a really social guy. There are probably 340980394 people around his place at any given time, in fact, and in fact? He had a hurricane party in his garage, that night.

4. He's a millionaire pop star. He probably had every one of those 340980394 people scurrying around getting him catered food flown in from NYC and furiously calling contractors and insurance adjustors. Most likely he didn't do that stuff himself.

5. Oh, my god. I'm arguing canon, aren't I? Me, the writer whose latest story featured JC-the-Dom getting fucked by his sub in a non-connish scenario? Oh, my god.

6. Canon just gets in the way, anyway. Nevermind. Carry on. *waves chicken leg*
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