silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

My fantasy prophecy:

Silveryscrape's fantasy prophecy

Since before the homelands the Harbingers have said;

"When the sinister empire ascends and the carnivorous colossus reigns.
Only when the villages cast off their bonds and after the merciless invader raises their watch.
Silveryscrape will hunt for the ancient wand. They will love the archer.
The Quixotic Two will play again."
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I prefer the jailbait wands, thanks.

Got some hurricane supplies today: two cases of water, some spring rolls, yogurt covered raisins, and a bottle of wine. The wine is terrible, just hideous, so I might as well finish it off tonight. It is made of grapes, though, I'm pretty sure.

Down to nothing in the stores. I could find no chocolate muffins at all! Surely that's a sign of end times. People were racing around with their carts and growling at each other as if the hurricane were coming in about an hour. One little old lady barked so many orders at her husband that all he could do was stand in the middle of the aisle, paralyzed, his arms raised at the ready. Another lady had two carts packed full, and man, I hope there is a disaster for her sake, or she'll be eating Vienna cocktail weenies 'til the day she dies. I figure I'll just sponge off my neighbors, if it comes to that. It's okay with me. I ain't buying 9,000 lbs of food that I have to move next week.

It really is like the end of the world. I had this conversation with the rental office guy at my new place in Orlando:

me: hi, is C. there?

him: nope. can I help you?

me: C. was going to let me know about assigning me a new unit. [muffled snort]

him: why?

me: because I didn't want my balcony to overlook the parking lot?

him: oh. well, he's gone. there's a hurricane.

me: ...okay. can you look on my file and see if he left a note or something?

him: call back next week after the hurricane. he'll probably be back. if we have power. and phones. you know.

me: man.

Dammit. Stupid Frances. Doesn't he know it's all about me? Tch. I'm supposed to be driving up with my stuff that day, the day the rental guy wants me to call. 'Spose I'll just show up, hey?

Good luck to everyone in Florida. I hope he just veers off into the ocean.

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