silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Apparently, the hurricane IS COMING RIGHT FOR US, OMG OMG!! I think I'll put in a pizza.

So far today, this hurricane reminds me a lot of camping in a pine forest: lots of soughing wind and not much to do. The birds seem to like it, though. They're out in force, flying about recklessly and making a lot of noise.

Found this on the Orlando Sentinel web site, from the journal of a reporter:

Any bar owner who decides to open tonight will have more customers than they can handle.

Ha! It's just like when I used to live in Milwaukee. We'd have a blizzard, plunging temperatures and endless snowfall, media advisories to STAY IN YOUR HOMES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, and it'd take me an hour to get to work at the Ground Round up by Bluemound there, all slipping and sliding in my car with a deathlike grip on the steering wheel, and every fucking moron in a twenty mile radius would come for dinner that night and I'd be slammed, waiting tables till I wanted to scream. It's a cabin fever thing, I think. Six hours cooped up with the family and suddenly it's either get out of the house or eat 1000 match heads. Which has happened. Nevermind.

Back to the Dread Story.

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