silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Yesterday we prayed in orientation for the folks in Ivan's path. I'm not much of a god-prayer, because I prefer to leave out the middle man. I went straight to Ivan, like I have (and not without some guilty feelings, now): do the best you can, buddy. Given who and what you are, try not to hurt too many people. You've actually not done too badly with that, 'til now, considering how huge and violent you are. Keep on like that, hey? Excellent. Thanks.

Not wishing to offend any god people out there. I had a long talk with myself yesterday over whether god could truly be considered the middle man in the eyes of most goddists. I'm just way more of a, hmm, lazy wiccan buddhist, so I don't know. I resolved the issue in my own mind by reading gay porn for awhile, which is to say, eh. No se nada.

Computer class today. Whee. See youse later!
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