silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

ihearthings_ii and halimede, we have achieved fuman skeeto! Now, according to my calculations, that would be the fuschia tshirt for CJ and the pink for Halimede, correct? CJ, I have your address... I just need yours, Halimede.

Alla y'all else: I still have a white fuman tshirt, small, with a ponytail girl on a surfboard. I can't wear white; it makes me look even more anemic. Who wants it? Speak up. I know none of you are shy, judging by the amount of shit I take from you daily. *sniff*

Allow me to clarify. 0 dollars required. I got three (3) *JC shows you his whole hand* tshirts out of the deal and I'm happy. Plus, you know, karma.
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