silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Some random:

I hope the neighbors like Korn's version of Word Up. I sure do. It is the coolest cover EVER. And the CB Song by the Legendary Shack Shakers? It's what's for breakfast. That's the one in the Geico commercial, the one with the cool mohawk dude and the gecko is wearing sunglasses? Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Oh. mickeym? Beta blockers are cardiac meds. I don't believe I know of any anti-anxiety uses for them as a class, although maybe individual drugs within the class have that property. Don't think so, though. (I.e. I've enjoyed reading the last few days. Hee!)

Gakked from jcalanthe: the makers of NutraSweet have been charged with racketeering. Apparently, the FDA denied approval to the sweetener for 16 years on the basis that it's a neurotoxin. My! But then Donald Rumsfeld became CEO of GD Searle Co in the early 80s... yes, that Donald Rumsfeld. I waited on him once, did I mention? In Taos. He was on a ski vacation with his grandkids. Didn't like his caesar salad because the lettuce wasn't cut up small enough, which he expressed by flinging the leaves across the table irritably. I knew then that he was the devil, but he left a good tip, and I am easily bought. I'm sorry. If I could go back in time and dump his salad in his lap, I would. I promise.

Morning, y'all. Tell me something good.

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