silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Hee! Someday in the strange distant future, archeologists sifting through piles of recovered data are going to find Livejournal and say to themselves, selfs? This person uhmidont had the most odd and troubling relationship with her flist! Fighting with everyone, flouncing off the net in a huff every other week. How did she do that without ever posting at all, though?

Dreamt last night that dick_grayson and I were waiting in line in a concrete culvert to see Britney Spears, when Lance came up to us and showed us his ass. I don't know either, man. It was a very pretty ass, all round and tanned with just a hint of that blond-boy fuzz. Silly subconscious! I don't want to write Lance.

You know how you write a story and it stays in your mind for a while after, and it's a little bit like love? This story I just finished is so disturbing and yucky to me that the love part is kind of turning my stomach. That must be why I write the schmoop so much lately. Much easier on the digestive track.

Work is... doable. It's stressful and I feel like a knob half the time, but unlike the place in St Pete, it feels like I can do this. The system is workable. Okay, we did have to wait 2 1/2 hours for a stat med the other day, but that's kind of the nature of the biz and if it had been my shift and not my preceptor's, I'd've started calling a lot sooner and more aggressively. Yesterday wrung me out like a rag, though. My teacher's idea of teaching is to not really explain anything, but then speak sharply whenever I do something wrong. She especially likes to do that in front of patients. I think she thinks she's being nice, because she always punctuates her sharp statements with a laugh, but it's clear she's really just a passive aggressive jerk. She was much taken aback at the end of the shift when I asked her to please clarify what she wanted me to do before she found fault, so that I could actually have a chance to try it first. She apologized about 90 times and looked me in the eyes, which she had avoided for most of the day. God, I hate people who think I'm stupid. Slow, yes. But with much circling and muddling, I usually end up getting it. So fuck off, hey.

Okay, all better.
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