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Some fun links before I go off to find the post office. It is located in the wilds of Winter Park and I made it there once before by driving aimlessly, but I don't trust my zen enough to manage that one again.

Xtreme Weather Meets Xtreme Media Bubble. Speculation that this year's spate of hurricanes is actually part of a greater world pattern: "The seas are slowly heating up."

eta: it has been pointed out to me by my own brain that this is not a very good synopsis of the article. actually, it's about how the media doesn't seem to want to discuss the possibility that weird weather might be because of global warming. mea culpa.

freedomfry's The Presidential Debate: a tongue in cheek translation. Funny shit! Also includes a link to a transcript of the actual debate.

The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans, an interview with George Lakoff. An extremely interesting look at the language used to frame the values of both parties, and why Republicans generally do a better job of getting their points across. Also, George Lakoff! I've had a crush on him since the 80s, when I was a modern critical theory wannabe and my husband studied linguistics. Lakoff is a cognitive linguist who studies the way metaphors shape reality, and has written such books as Women, Fire, and Other Dangerous Things, Metaphors We Live By, and Philosophy in the Flesh. Good stuff.

Anything else? Oh, yes. I continue to be amused by the sudden onslaught of media attention JC is getting. Makes me wish I was all clever and twisty in my thinking and in on things, so I could understand why now. Also, the timing behind this and the Sudden Really Real Girlfirend is striking. I dig Eva, don't get me wrong, because they appear to be enjoying each other and their public canoodling. But, isn't it all kind of... odd? Or is it just me being nasty-minded and cynical? 'Cause I am.

By mutual consent between me and my preceptor, I'm staying on orientation for awhile. Well, not tomorrow. Tomorrow they're short and I'll just have to try not to flounder like yesterday. But it suddenly struck me, in the midst of the screaming and spitting and shit flyin' through the air, that I was attempting to learn critical care nursing in two vastly different units at once in two weeks. Aiiee! All the other nurses consoled me by telling me "Everybody in these units fails at first. This place sucks, you know. I'd leave in a second if I could" which made me roll my eyes repeatedly, because isn't it like that everywhere in nursing? I'm beginning to think so.

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