silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

My beloved 17thc. Motorola is no more. It is a dead parrot. I was going to buy a new phone, but I, um. Bought other toys instead. Excuse me. Luckily, except that I hate it, I have a Stupid Nokia of Much Ugly Goldness for backup. Stupid Nokia. But, toys!

"More orientation" at work this week has so far consisted of me just working. Ha! But I worked the Bone Marrow unit, where I'm familiar with the patients and their issues, and I will get more orientation on the surgical unit, which is the one that's giving me fits. Also, my manager begged me not to quit, always gratifying, and told me she's trying to get rid of the surgical unit since HELLO, not oncology. For now we staff the Bone Marrow unit and the surgical thingy with equal abandon, alas.

It was kind of amusing, though. I must have seemed like the worst nurse in the world after Friday's debacle. Had the charge the last few days asking me things like do you need help with your assessments and do you know how to give insulin. Kind of akin to asking a popstar if he knows how to wear sparkles. After Sunday and Monday went by and none of my patients blew up or caught fire, they calmed down some. It's cool. I'll orient some more on the surgical unit, and plans are to turn it into a leukemia unit anyhow, so all will be well.

I have 1000 words of a story for the F5, and I'll try like the dickens to be on time, but. You know.

Oh, yes.

Lovers contribution to northernveil's We All Float Down Here twisted fic challenge.

It really is pointless to discuss what I wanted the story to do, but I kind of hope someone'll be able to toss some tips and tricks my way for next time.

So, I was trying to do this unreliable narrator thing, where Justin's the real monster, with hints that Chris is pretty much in hell peeking through the narrative. Justin's so besotted with the whole idea of what Chris is that he doesn't notice how much Chris doesn't love it at all, but I guess the Chris stuff doesn't come through the way I'd hoped and as a result it probably reads like the sappiest disgusting vampire story ever. Ah, well. Live and learn.
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