silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

So, my brother has a job he likes and he's being trained by a cute girl, and last night he played a show with his new band and last week a show with his old band, for which he got paid 40 bucks. (I think I got all that right. Maybe not. He was pretty excited when I talked to him and I was pretty tired, so.)

Yay! My brother rocks. Big love to him, so much.

I owe some emails to some people and I will write, I promise. But I'm in this Totally-Radio-4500-words-and-all-systems-go F5 groove and I like it. Think I'll stay there for a bit and then eat some lunch, perhaps, and then I'll catch up on everything. Right? Right.

Here's something kinda spooky, and it includes some EVPs in Spanish. Somehow that's even freakier, when the ghosts ooooOOo in other languages. But something interesting: the researchers did a little experiment where they thought really hard about a nonsensical phrase, all of them concentrating together, and the voices on the recordings also echoed the phrase. Their conclusion was that the ghosts were picking up on their thoughts, but aren't there all kinds of other possibilities for that one? Yep. Like, no ghosts at all, but the place is a natural amplifier of some sort, picking up people's brain waves and making them show up on tape, and... what? No, I don't take any meds. But thanks for asking! So considerate.

Gotta run.
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