silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Last night after I got done with the F5 rewrite (it is reeeeeeally different than the version y'all read, Kim and Lily and Donna) I went for a little drive. I needed to get out, and also all that driving this summer was kind of addictive. I miss traveling around! So I ended up getting lost somewhere that I think is east and north of Orlando, and all the highways around here have 4s and 2s and 6s in the number in varying combinations, which guarantees I won't remember them or know where I am half the time.

But I discovered three v. important things:

1. there's a Polish restaurant near my house!

2. Oviedo, FL is very pretty.

3. I need to get my brakes checked.

The squealing! I thought it was me, because I was discussing with myself the various merits of all the songs on Schizophrenic as I drove, but when I shut up the noise continued. I'm not too worried. When I had the Chevy Nova in Taos, the one where everything hydraulic ran off one system of lines and if you were low on fluid you lost the clutch AND the brakes, and I had a leak in one of the brake lines so I clamped it so I could drive in a higher gear than 1st and thus had only three wheels that would stop, well. I never crashed then. Although I came close.

Rain, rain. Go away. Little Mary wants to play check out the Mexican restaurant up on Semoran, there. Because it's all about the food.
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