silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

It seems Presbyterian Healthcare of Albuquerque is still randomly crediting my bank account with $79.00 every pay period. Well, all right, such regularity can hardly be said to be random, but the whole act of giving me this money certainly is, and you know what? I'm okay with that. $79.00 is the cost of one suede purse, or 47 bags of clothing at the Salvation Army. Happy Monday, y'all! I'm going shopping.

Because I haven't had nearly enough change in my life over the last few months, I've applied for a position with Vitas Hospice Services of Orange County, FL. They're mostly a home hospice service, and I had a few moments of angst imagining the expressions on the faces of loved ones when I pull up in my scabbrous old Nissan, but I certainly can't let the fact that I have a shitty car prevent me from getting a job in my dream field. Besides, it occurred to me that if the loved ones are peering out their windows and waiting for me like that, then either something's going on with the patient that means they'll be happy to see me no matter what, or else they're wackadoo for sure, and my car's paint job will most likely not be the issue. Unless it fills them with rage. You never know. I could see that. I have washed that car ONCE in four years.


Any pictures of Chris's birthday? Ha! I made myself laugh.
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