silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Things I like:

+fresh ground pepper. I have a grinder from this place and it's faaaabulous. so, this guy, Penzey? I went to high school with him. I don't remember him, but my brother-in-law who also graduated with us is friends with him and he's like really really rich. a strange feeling, hanging with really really rich people. or so my sister and brother tell me.

+metaspy. Every 15 seconds you get a little picture of what people are Metacrawling for on the web. one guy searched for "underage children porn" while I watched, the fucker, while someone else looked for "the altitude at which it's appropriate to open one's chute while parachuting." dude! excellent use of key words.

+Punk M's writing, no matter what fandom. I don't care about SV at all, but I've read two amazing stories in that fandom and they've both been hers.

Things I don't:

+stories that begin with 985798275 paragraphs of exposition and character-think. SHOW ME.

+Beastie Boys in St Pete tonight, but I am in Orlando... and have to get up at 4.45 tomorrow. meh. back in the day I'd have done it anyway, and hated my life all day.

Things I miss:

+the Taos nod. you pass someone on a dirt road, you jerk your head back abruptly. this is accompanied by a lift of the fingers off the steering wheel. the nod is so pervasive that it is also an accepted mode of greeting face to face. you give the other person a piercing stare and a tilt of the head, and that's equivalent to "how are you?" "no, how are you?" "no, YOU!!"

+the fetish ball in Albuquerque was last weekend!! waaah. well, undoubtedly Orlando has such a thing.

Here's what yesterday was like:

Get to work at a quarter to seven. Just taking report on #1 patient when the tech comes out of his room. BP 70/30, barely enough blood wooshing around in him to keep his organs alive. Call the doctor. Doc wants a special IV drug that they give in ICUs, but technically we can also give the drug. I can't, though. Remember that critical care training they promised me? Anyway. Meantime, the patient is determined to jump out of bed, and is used to getting his way. A very dominant male, and you could see his wife flinch every time we told him "no." Three of us needed to hold him down. Did I mention, pooping all over? Yes.

Critical Care doc comes in; patient needs a Swann-Ganz pulmonary artery catheter. I think I saw one in nursing school once. Definitely ICU stuff. We set up a sterile field. Doc is really cool and explains everything. Patient is disgruntled that he has to stay still for the procedure. Did I mention he doesn't speak english? Nor his wife. Now, I only know "pinche cabron" or "enchilada," and although I wanted to use the first one on this poor sick mountainous asshole of a man, I thought it best not to. 10 yrs in New Mexico! Shame on me.

Amount of IV drug going up; BP going down. Plus, no urine output. I poke his bladder. He yelps. Flush his urinary catheter, nothing comes out. So we pull it to replace it, but on four attempts the darned thing keeps curling up in his abdomen. No history of prostate problems... hmm.

BP at 65/17, filled with pee, quite cranky (as would I be), pooping freely. FINALLY, after seven eternities, the nursing manager realizes we don't have the appropriately trained staff to manage this patient ("did you level out his catheter and do a cardiac index?" "Your what in the what, now?"), despite the charge telling her this for six eternities. We take him to the ICU.

Come to find out he has C difficile, an intestinal infection that causes lots and lots and lots of liquid poopies. And we've been tracking it all over the unit all day, a unit filled with people who have no immune systems. Yay!

Luckily my other patients were relatively stable, and one nurse had a lot of free time because she was training a student who's really good. The nursing manager said, "It's not like this usually! Honest!" but she's said that twice now, in the span of three weeks. I may be developing some skepticism.

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