silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

JC on the MF message boards. Ha! The Man, himself, and the funniest thing for me is that I was lurking the boards a few hours before that, but 10pm is my witching hour anymore. Plus, even though JC pops in and Gina hangs out often, mostly the boards are just filled with idiotic posts from people desperate for contact. I admit it: I know if I got started posting there, I'd soon feel that desperation, too. Ah, dignity. How I long to keep you in my life find you.

So. Pick any one of the guys and tell me which story representation of him seems closest to the truth. Which Joey is the real Joey for you? Which character fits in best with all the little Justin traits you've picked up from footage, shows, pictures, and interviews? Which Lance is just plain him every time you read the story?

I'll give you an example. My true-to-life JC, the guy who feels like an accurate portrayal of JC as I imagine he really is in the world, is the guy in lilysaid's on the air: like a milky way. I like your party, he says, and it's so perfectly the sort of simple, sly, silly thing he'd say that that story is JC for me.

Now you go.

I am bored. You're right.
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