silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

I have a list:

1. I'm just extra mean and nasty lately. I don't know why. Hmm. Anyway, if I've offended you, let me know so I can have a chance to rip your face off apologize. No, really, apologize.

2. Crabby, unfocused, and very, very lucky. Someone asked me to work for her next week: if she hadn't I might not have realized I'd written my schedule down wrong. Thought I had Sunday off. Management tends to frown on it when you don't show up for a shift. Then, today, the mechanic guy at Midas asked me to come back tomorrow, since he was hella backed up. Got back home and realized I had no wallet with me, no way to pay for all the rotor turning and whatnot if he had done the work. Yikes! Someone's taking care of me. Wish I felt like I deserved it more.

3. I got to infuse stem cells yesterday! Last time I got to was months and months ago, and some nurses on this unit never have. It's so cool! They look like cherry lemonade and smell like shrimp scampi, and they really do give people with leukemia and lymphoma and some other diseases a second chance when they relapse. The patient is younger than me, an athletic coach. I feel so bad for him. He's in great shape, otherwise entirely healthy, but now he feels betrayed by his body. Such a nice guy, too, and has a nice family. Hope the transplant takes.

4. Also took care of a 25 yr old with multiple myeloma, a gorgeous long-haired guy from Columbia with a beautiful girlfriend. So cute, those two. They spent the day making little craft projects with plywood and paints and singing along to Machada. At one point he said to me, "Today, I am happy. My girlfriend, she. Three months." He couldn't come up with the word, but they showed me a picture in the book they had, of a woman in cross section with a little fetus. Pregnant! They were thrilled. I wish I could be for them, too. But maybe he'll be okay.

5. Gakked from catcheshiseye:

I can't stop watching, and I don't even like Britney. Is this from her video?

6. Gakked from twoofus:

JC/Eva blurb in US Weekly Thursday / October 21st 2004 / 04:14pm:

Distance doesn't matter when your girlfriend is as sexy as Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria, JC Chasez tells US. "We make it work," says the singer, 28, who lives in Florida but reunited with his California sweetie, 29, for an October 13 event honoring Rock the Vote at the Esquire House in LA. "We make plans. You gotta work at those long-distance relationships!" There certainly wasn't much distance between the couple during the party. "It was like, Get a room," an eyewitness tells US. "She just grabbed him and it was total full-body makeout! And when she released him, he was so embarrassed." Adds the partygoer, "He had to walk away to collect himself!" At 10:15 pm, the couple (who met at a charity auction while bidding on the same dog!) made a hasty exit. "She may be to much for a mild-mannered boy like JC to handle," says the source. "She was just on fire!"

Oh, I betcha JC can handle her just fine. But I still got a little sinking feeling in my stomach when I read this, although you know what they say about gossip (it makes an ASS out of U and ME, right?): I just don't read JC as someone who likes PDAs. "Oversharing," and all that. Call it the "Tara Reid Syndrome," but I can't see him allowing too much of that unless the sex is Just. That. Good. :)
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