silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

A coupla songs for digital_diva, plus one (eta: I mean two. ahahaha! I'm an english major. shut up. ) for the hell of it:

Walk On The Ocean

All I Want

...both by Toad the Wet Sprocket, and

End of the Line Concrete Blonde, whose Mexican Moon album is brilliant. And also very good for Halloween.

I See You Baby The Groove Armada. You may have heard a version of this on the Pantene Pro-V commercials. Makes me laugh every time, because not only did they change the words, but the whole spirit of the song: I see you baby, shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass -- don't touch me!!

A coupla pictures, also for the hell of it:

Now, some of you may remember this photo:

My sis & bro-IL & niece got me these at Disney. Finally, I am using them! I filled them both with salt. Ahahahaha!

Here is the lake beside Florida Hospital, right outside the ER:

Orlando is filled with gorgeous lakes like this one.

Here is one of the mossy turtles in the lake, waiting for me to pitch headfirst down on top of him. Or toss him my cellphone. He does have that hopeful turtle look, doesn't he?

They were so cute. Dozens of turtles, all sizes, mostly boxy mosaic turtles like this one, but there were a few creepy serpentine huge monster turtles, the kind with the soft backs, Nessie turtles with dragon snouts and delicate nostrils. Very reptilian.

All the turtles poke their snoots out of the water when they sense someone near. I tried to take a picture of that but it wouldn't come out. Pretty smooth lake, seaweed and herons and waterbugs, then all of a sudden POKE. POKEPOKEPOKEPOKE. Hee! Turtles are crazy.

Also, they're all covered with moss, the dirty little critters.

Long-ass day at work yesterday, four challenging patients including a 17 yr old in for diagnosis: Leukemia or Lymphoma? Now there's a choice. Except that the pediatric oncologist thinks maybe it's some funky virus, so yay! We're hoping for that one. His parents are Pentacostal, the sensible type (hmm) who believe in a laying on of hands for healing but also in conventional medicine, because mom's a pharmacist and dad's an EMT. They said I could watch the next time they have a healer in, and I am so down with that. More worlds than you can hold in the palm of your hand, Scully, know what I mean?

But yeah, 14 hrs yesterday with no break, so I'ma go stuff my face now and then try to get a hair cut. Adios, my beanies!
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