silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Okay, I seem to have recovered from whatever brain spasm prompted that last post. Weak, I tell you.

I've been remiss in my duties lately, forgetting to do my usual pimping of this site. Totally Radio, y'all. Check it out. Coming out of Brighton, a place I'm convinced must have the coolest music scene ever, it's a music station with something for everyone. Well. Unless you're, you know, normal. I'm listening to "solid steel" right now, a recording of a live dj set, and it's fucking blowing my mind. Just got done with "kundalini dub lounge," all chill with the wonderful Darragh Jye at the helm, and this week he interviewed Banco de Gaia, one of my biggest heros. You can find some of his music in my memories, I believe... hiphop, reggae, world music, salsa, indy pop, EVERYTHING OMFG, I looooove Totally Radio.

Thay didn't even pay me for this! You got to know it's good. ;)

Back to the porn. We're having A LOT of trouble with the Harley belt buckle.
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