silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

You've seen this, yes? I'm going to have to go with fake. It's way too literary, and the "voices" of the different folks involved are too similar. It reads like fairly well done fanfic, actually. I'll keep following, for sure, but yeah. Not real.

Now, Blair Witch had me half convinced. Remember when that first started? The short film on IFC, presented as the few reels recovered from a backpack they found out in the woods? Now that was scary and real. Something about the jerky filming... lots of people complained about that, when the actual film came out, but for me it was the perfect touch. There was no effort to make the story comfortable for the viewer, and that was nicely convincing. This Dionaea House thing, though, the writing feels cleaned up. You know how annoying other people's email styles can be, how disjointed and ungrammatical and non-linear? These emails aren't that. They did a better job with Jen's emails, the ellipses for punctuation and such, but still she's way too linear and concise. In the real world, people add too much in or leave too much out. These emails are all polished.

Plus, I keep reading it as Diarrhea House.
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