silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Holy moly. Four hours in line to vote.

Seriously, why can't we vote online or by phone, like we file our taxes? Seems less risky than tossing something in an envelope. Anyone can mail something, whereas with most online or phone transactions, they make you answer 9789409 questions first to identify yourself.

Just sayin'. I bet voter turnout would be LOTS better. I'm glad I did it, ready as I was to gnaw on my steering wheel when I got out of there, but it's hard to blame the folks who turned away when they saw the line stretching all the way around the inside of the library. How easy is it for most folks to find a block of time like that? I especially felt bad for the woman ahead of me in line who waited all that time, only to be told she was in the wrong county. Ahahahaha! Ouch.

To the lady behind me in line who was up on me the whole time: it was getting so I thought we should at least introduce ourselves. "Personal space." Look it up.

To the lady in front of me who seemed very nice: please see your physician about that bladder infection. (Stupid nurse-trained nose.)

To the really REALLY old lady with the walker who said *eee* when she got her "I Voted" sticker: ROCK THE FUCK ON, GRAMMA.

Some Banco de Gaia, because I love him so:

I Love Baby Cheesy (Skippy Mix)

...enjoy! I must go eat and write porn, simultaneously.
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