silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

8:30am. Glurg. I think I fell asleep around 1:30, midway through a bit of porn I was reading for a bedtime snack, and when I woke up the first time at 06:30, the pages were scattered across my bed.

It's withdiamonds's fault! Her and Ashley and Larry are in town (YAY) and we spent some time last night entertaining bar patrons by dishing the shit on LJ and recent fic and slash in general and the guys, the guys, the guys. So much fun! But then I had to come home and do some homework, because apparently her and Ash and me are going stalking today, but I have been woefully remiss in finding out the details. For example, where does Chris live? I don't know. He lives in Orlando, okay? Jeez.

And then Disney tomorrow! I invited myself along, because when else will I ever get to go? I live here. You never get to see the sights in your own place until someone visits. I think it's a rule.

In other news, I'm waiting breathlessly for pictures of JC as a lumberjack. When Donna heard about his costume for Halloween, she immediately started singing the Monty Python song, and all I could do was nod gleefully. Because yes. It's the automatic association! JC had to know that! Total shoutout to crossdressers everywhere, I'm sure. Go, JC.

Oh, mickeym? Are you and Matthew coming through here this month? They changed my Thanksgiving week schedule (without telling me, thanks) and I can't remember what days you said were possibles. Let me know.

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