silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

That was really dangerous, what you just did.

All the little net bots are my biggest fans. My website gets more hits from them than anyone. See! Robots like Nsync, too. And speaking of which, if tangentially, This I Promise You came on the radio at work the other day, and I squealed like a pig and made the secretary turn it up. I fear I may be Out at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, now. *sigh*

Fixin' to go out to Disney again with withdiamonds and Ashley. Good! I need it after the last two days. Really, really sick 31 year old, hating my job, charge nurse is a big fat baiotch, etc. Remind me again why no one will support me in, at least, trailer park squalor? Ah, well. At least I'm not as messed up as Tara Reid. Poor fucked up girly. I find her gorgeous and charming and fun, but man. Rehab is such a good idea sometimes.

Oh, before I run off to the shower, I'd like to apologize formally to the Fandom. If I were a better, more dedicated fan, I'd have made friends with the gate guards at Vizcaya and quizzed them about Chris. As it was, we drove past the gate at lightspeed, feeling like tools. I wanted to shout out the car window at everybody driving by, "Do you know Chris?" but I didn't. Then we went shopping.

And boy, was it weird talking our usual fandom/lj/nsync/EEE shit at a restaurant where, theoretically at least, someone could hear who knows JC never remembers to close the curtains and plays his tunes really, really loudly at 4am? Didn't stop us, though. Well, at first it did but then we forgot, and I didn't see anyone rolling their eyes in a more pronounced way than usual, so. It sucks being Nsync fans who don't like to be mocked! We're doomed to disappointment, I fear.

Lake Virginia is gorgeous, and being the dork I am I tell it so every day on the way to and from work, but it's also biggish and the plan for knocking on the door of every single house along its shore with car trouble was just not feasible. Again, I'm sorry! I suck as a fan. But we saw many cool houses that may have been JC's (Did you just say 'whoop-dee'? Wanker) and many houses that were HUGE, just mansionesque, and yet the lake is pretty and blue and green and the neighborhoods are sleepy and quiet, except for the occasional car filled with embarrassed squealers, trolling through.

Last night I dreamt that charlidos used to live in Orlando, but left because "it was too dirty." I didn't know you were such a clean freak! New York must have been giving you fits. And then I dreamt something about water, as I always do, and now I have to go, because Space! Mountain! Have a great day, y'all.
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