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drowning in the big swim, rising to the surface

Sometimes I feel like I've seen it all. I haven't, of course. I haven't really seen any of it. Hence my desire to live forever: no fear of death, but this world is so damn interesting.

But I was thinking about age, and the years adding up behind you. Remembering Kat Allison's excellent stories about Methos and how he was completely alien, really, because of the sheer intensity and extent, the layering and build up, of his memories.

Thinking about how to remember & use all those eons of experience. For his Lazarus Long character, Heinlein used the idea of the memory palace, in which you visualize a house and associate specific memories with the common objects you see around you in the house. It's all about organization: you could take a walk through the house in your mind and visit old memories, maybe shake 'em off & reuse them for some perspective.

John Crowley taught that when you're away from your memory house, not paying attention, the carefully organized memories are free to move about the house as they wish. When you're not looking, intermingling and changing. In the lost rooms of your mind, thoughts live their own lives.

In yoga, a common visualization is to view your body and mind as interfaces with the outside world. An ocean inside, an ocean outside, as above so below. I often look at it as the doors and windows of the house. Because: in all those lost rooms, who's visiting?

Love the metaphor of the house. It's key to lots of really provocative speculative fiction.

This post brought to you by Folger's coffee, the season Fall, and merryish, who wrote about a House. Wow, maybe I should thank her.
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