silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

To my Secret Santa:

Please don't stress out on what you write for me, because chances are you could write Trace/Jessie at the Bowling Alley and I would still squeal like a stuck pig. You're writing me a story! That is the coolest thing ever, and I'm telling you, don't freak out over my guidelines. Do what you want! And have fun with it, because that'll be the best gift you could give me.


To my Recipient:


I was thrilled when I got my assignment, although I did laugh at the pairing. Now I'm in the "holy shit" phase, wondering what on earth I could ever write that you would like. Don't worry. Next'll come the "hmm" phase, and that'll include a plot bunny, I hope, and then I'll settle down and get writing and have some fun. I hope you like it, come the day, and wishing you Merry Christmas in advance, you crazy torturer wonderful person, you.


p.s. and thanks for having, like, no guidelines at all. Whee!!

To JC,

Thank you for being a dork. For being a dork always, relentlessly, and yet so blindingly hot that I simply can't process. Big cat land! I'm sure.


...okay. Off to answer comments and contemplate sesa and, maybe, pay my bills.

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