silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Couple things:

And Now For Something Completely Different

Harry/Draco. Harry turns into a girl. I'm sorry.

(I promise never to write a girl-turning story, not even if it becomes popular, meow. On my honor. But this one is funny!)

Today I wrote Chris a Christmas letter/fan babble extravaganza and mailed it. Oh, I am lost, forever lost and gone away. Look for me in the hills. I'll be the one who's wailing, tearing my hair, drifting through the trees.

(Note to self: bring bug spray. And none of that freeze-dried ice cream. Gack.)

Sesa, schmesa. I believe I may have expressed a similiar sentiment last year, too. Hmm. But this year, I have decided to let the boys of my pairing come forward from the babble of voices in my mind and tell me what they want, rather than trying to force things. What the hell, I'm a method writer. I reckon I'm just hoping they speak up before December 23rd. That would be nice.

And how's it going, all? Although I warn you, anyone who comes in here and says I've written 239875987 words on my sesa already will get a sporking they'll not soon forget.


This is fun! Although really, what words don't apply to them?

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