silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Apparently I am easily bought, because I worked an extra shift yesterday on the promise of 15 extra bucks an hour. Right now I'm cool with it, because it was only the second day of the week, but come Saturday and day #4 I may be cursing my own bougeoisie spirit. But I will deal with the angst in my typical fashion, which is to say by shopping, and that is the vicious cycle of capitalism in my life. I'm no buddha, that's for darn tootin'.

JC and Eva were pretty cute the other night, working that sixties vibe with his slim dark suit and narrow collar and her Twiggy dress and hair. Too bad she didn't follow it up with the right shoes and makeup, but I suppose there's no harm in updating. Except, yow! Blush from hell. Anyway.

They appear to be tight, despite his "my lady" and her "good friend." Except, in many of the she-gazes-adoringly-up-at-him photos, there's just such a calculated effect to it all that I wonder if, on some level or another, she isn't Acting. I mean, in some photos she appears to be worshipping his ear or the frame of his glasses. Well, yeah, the glasses. I would be, too. And I know about camera depth and appearances and all that. Just let me be a petty troublemaker, okay? I enjoy it so.

Oh! It finally occurred to me, because I may be brilliant but I sure am slow, to put "JC Chasez" into the search engine at my beloved Totally Radio. HaHAAA! Score. He actually gets played there a lot. In fact, back in May Bugaloo Stu on his show "Hot Hits and Juicy Bits" called All Day Long "the punk pop anthem of the summer." Go, Stu! And of course, on his show from last month he played the song by request:

Dear Stu,

I am currently serving a life sentence for murder at [some prison in England, I don't remember], where every night I take it up the arse from my roommate, [some prison-guy name]. I would really like to hear JC Chasez's All Day Long I Dream about Sex, because what [prison-guy name] lacks in conversation he more than makes up for in length and girth. Cheers.

Yeah, BABY.

jc/eva pics stolen from all over. if I've stolen yours and pissed you off, you may spank me at your leisure.
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