silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Gosh! Where do I start?

1. Eva and her boyfriend? I am quivering with unholy glee. Fired! You're so fired, and you weren't even that good of a beard. NEXT.

chris: I'll be your beard

jc: chris

chris: no, listen, it's a great idea. like hiding in plain sight!

jc: chris, no

chris: I could gaze adoringly at the air over your head! and sit on your lap at parties!

jc: ow, no way. chris, you barely leave your basement

chris: oh, right. hey, is the tinfoil peeling off that window over the washing machine? be right back

jc: come back to bed, you dork

2. Chicago? In July?? *squinches eyes shut in weather-related angst*

YAY!! I can pop over and see my family. Plus, spasticat and xica_s. What's not to like? withdiamonds is right, though. I'll miss the intimacy of being within several blocks of the guys at any given juncture. But JC can visit his folks, and Lake Michigan is gorgeous that time of year, and Challenge VII!! It's all good. I just wish I could take off the whole month, so I could get some of the Milwaukee Summerfest music festival in as well. Hain't been there in years. Britney was the headliner last year. Then Jessica Simpson replaced her. HAHAHAHA. Not sure who replaced her, probably some local band that rocked the show, and all those teenies hated it. But I digress.

3. I had the loveliest JC-related dream the other night. Oh, shut up, you pervs. JC had a party, and it was not a debauched naked jello pit as one might imagine. At one point we were chatting, and he was, hmm. One of those really smart, really eccentric yet polished people, so friendly and interesting yet so completely weird. Wonderful. Then we were driving in his car, zooming around and barely missing the other cars and buildings and trees and such, and damn my subconscious. Even my metaphors are so literal.

4. Dear fanfic writers from countries other than the US:

No American boy would ever, and allow me to stress EVER (in conclusion: ever) say the word "mustn't." As in, never.


p.s. another construction that is really not American is to say, oh (for example) "I've taken the trash out." We're much more likely to say "I took the trash out," a simple past tense thingie. I'm seeing the guys in so many (especially British, it seems) fics indulging in all these amazing past perfect "have" contractions and no. Another example is from this fic I reread last night. One guy asks for beets on his sandwich (don't even get me started about an American kid eating that) and the other says "we've run out." No, you know. We haven't. We ran out, we did, and yes, we are barbarians, but what the hell. We sure can dance.

5. I'm sorry. It might be the day I had yesterday, which wasn't bad, per se, but which lasted 'til after 8 pm and no lunch. But I got my 3 month eval a month early, and got the highest marks in everything. Which made me cast the eye on my charge until she laughed and told me you're too hard on yourself. We want you to stick around. Aww! Also, I got the greatest hug from the unit chaplain, so good it made me cry like a little tiny baby, right there in her arms, over nothing. Wow. So... yeah, maybe yesterday wasn't bad at all. Nevermind.

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