silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

Here's a song, because I'm in a good mood and that means sharing like a good girl.

Hypo Full of Love [The Twelve step Plan], by A3. They do the theme to The Sopranos, the "woke up this morning" song. Love them so much!

And here's a little something to explain my love for the Sunshine Skyway Bridge between St Pete and Sarasota:

Bus driver collapses

Posted November 19, 2004

ST. PETERSBURG -- Passengers had to stop a charter bus from plunging nearly 200 feet off the Sunshine Skyway bridge after the driver collapsed, apparently after suffering a fatal heart attack.

Thomas Grove, 61, of Pinellas Park, was behind the wheel Wednesday afternoon near the top of the bridge heading toward St. Petersburg when he fell out of his seat, passengers and Florida Highway Patrol officials said.

The bus slammed into the 3-foot concrete wall, which blocks vehicles from tumbling into Tampa Bay. Three of the five passengers ran toward the front of the bus.

"Grab the wheel!" 70-year-old Kenneth McAllister recalled shouting to his wife and another woman.

The women held the steering wheel until McAllister could slide into the driver's seat. He fought to keep the bus in its lane and hit the brake. It stopped just before the highest part of the bridge.

The passengers were shaken but unhurt. Grove died at Bayfront Medical Center.

What a nightmare, hey? That poor guy.

Okay, I'm too lazy to cut and paste properly, but I seem to be in a chatty mood. Also, what's more fun than talking about yourself? Ask me anything about any of my stories, blah blah blah, and I promise not to be too snarky.
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