silveryscrape (silveryscrape) wrote,

You know that Freestyler's song, Push Up? Probably I got it from halowrites, she of the mad tunes, and I curse her and bless her because that damned song will not leave my head. "Go on and shake it. Baby, shake that ass" over and over again, and I'm here to tell ya that at a Seventh Day Adventist hospital where the staff prays together everyday and half of them are preachers, this does not go over well. Because of course I'm kind of frantically singing it under my breath most of the time, oh god. Gotta make that sexy booty mine.

Yes, I am listening to it right now. It's not helping. Here, you take it for awhile. I gotta rest.

So much to do today. And sesa. Oh god. I'm going back to bed.

Oh, wait. Welcome to bellaphena! 'Bout time, girl.
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